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(USA) FS: cheap "China brand" EVSE with adjustable current, $100 shipped

Tue Sep 29, 2020 2:57 pm

I bought this Southking SK-EV16 last summer, and have only used it twice. Its condition is almost "like new", but its connector has rough scraped edges since I dropped it on driveway. I am asking for $100 total, shipped, to contiguous US. (Extra to AK/HI.)

I chose it for its adjustable pilot current feature, enabling use on existing 15A circuits, and being ready for future improved wiring. What I did not know when I bought it is, it defaults to 16A setting. To change current setting requires some patience: depressing a button lasting a few seconds followed by a few quick presses. Also, it is not as weather resistant as I had hoped. Unlike bundled "granny charge cords", which are very water resistant, the Southking SK-EV16 lacks an O-ring or gasket sealing its control box. I bought SK-EV16 intending to leave it on ground, but I am not confident it will survive. The originally equipped Nissan/Panasonic brick is doing fine there, exposed to puddle, splash, and snow.

What else to know about SK-EV16: it does not feature RCD/CCID nor GCM/GMI. This means it does not require a grounding/grounded outlet: it can be used with any old mains receptacle, even ungrounded "two prong outlets", with a ground-cheater plug adapter. (One can always use a cord-inline GFCI, if RCD protection is desired).

Compare to ASIN B08D8XWJ1H (has a black connector), but with white J1772-2009 connector.
manufacturer's Web page.

2020-11-26 revised: I posted a report on Southking SK-EV16 over in the EVSE forum board. Feel free to ask me questions. I lower my asking price to 100 USD.
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Re: (USA) FS: cheap "China brand" EVSE with adjustable current, $130 shipped

Thu Oct 01, 2020 3:51 pm

Interesting, the Amazon listing is a real hot mess IMO. No mention of adjustable current instead just talks about 16a charging on a 5-15(regular 15a US plug)!! if you say it's adjustable we'll have to believe you, it does say "85-265V, 10/20A" which indicates it will work between 85 and 265v?? and will output 10-20a but other than this does not explain how to adjust the current nor does it mention that feature anywhere else in the description nor the one single review.
To me reading the description I'd say it looks like any of the other Chinese 120/240v 16a fixed amp chargers on Amazon but what you describe sounds nicer. Note unlike others on MNL I have nothing against the Cheap Chinese EVSEs, I own a couple and the adjustable feature would make it well above most of the fixed 16a ones I see, question, does it indeed go up to 20a or is that incorrect in the listing?

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Re: (USA) FS: cheap "China brand" EVSE with adjustable current, $130 shipped

Thu Oct 01, 2020 4:07 pm

OP has to be one of the most transparent and informative adverts ever.


By the way, what kind of plug ?
Max amperage ?

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