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What makes a good road trip?

Wed Jun 05, 2019 9:24 am

A lot of people dream of a road trip. Traveling on an open road that stretches as far as the eye can see
into the distance gives thrills to every traveler. Every discussion about road trips portray it as an exciting
adventure which someone should look forward to. There are also some people with bad road trip
memories because of vanquished expectations. What do you think makes a good road trip? Read on to
find out our opinion.


Many people see planning a road trip as an exciting part of the road trip itself. For others what works for
them is just hitting the road and moving on.

Some basic planning is essential to reduce the stress along the way. Considering parameters like the
weather, time equipment, distance between stops and other necessary details can help prevent some
misfortune on the road.

However, over-planning can take away the spontaneity from a road trip adventure.


The road trip fantasy is preparing your car for travel with a few friends and driving off into the distance.
However, the definition of a road trip won't change if they're riding motorcycles but many people
choose to travel with a camper van or RV.

These are the commonest methods of road trip transport. You can also try using buses because they
travel between major cities and towns, exposing you to beautiful scenery. It is also a better way of
meeting people along the road. Whatever transport method you choose should be reliable so you don't
end up repairing vehicles than actually driving it. It doesn't make for a good road trip. And also, be sure
to choose a vehicle with a good seat to avoid ruining your trip with butt pains.


Every chosen route has its own appeal. Some people may like taking a classic route, driving cross-
country between cities, or taking a more hap-hazard bee-line between two places. What determines the
route is the kind of beautiful scenery one prefers.


Accommodation isn't an issue for those driving their own bed around like those who use the camper van
or RV. Others need to find a place to sleep at night.

Although camping seem to be the obvious option because of the flexibility and the fact that you might
get to camp beside a lake or a beach. However, hotels, motels and guesthouses can give you convenient
comfort along the way. And a comfortable night rest shouldn't be underestimated as it makes the
following day seem pleasant.


Your road trip companions can either make or ruin the adventure for you. Going on a road trip with easy
going, flexible companions and amazing personalities without conflicting interests will make for a
wonderful and unforgettable experience. But if the group is incompatible, the trip will leave everyone
miserable. Good companions are very necessary for a good roadtrip. It's very possible to take a solo
road trip if there isn't anybody to share the adventure with.


This is one important factor that should never be overlooked. A great road trip should be done with a
good soundtrack which everybody in the vehicle enjoys. So, put everyone into consideration when
choosing songs for the go.

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