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Re: Blink HQ installed

Wed Aug 06, 2014 1:56 pm

Just swapped out the old Blink for the HQ. The instructions were inadequate. There were errors as well; the guide says there is a PE, L1 and L2. This one has a N, L1 and L2. But after some mishaps it is working well now.
There is an On/Off switch and I have to remember to turn it off. My old Blink did not have an On/Off switch, you just unplugged it.
Fully charged by photo voltaic system.
Nov 9 2014 got my 2015 lease, SL. My third Leaf. Tucson AZ. 5,500 miles, 5.2 long term m/kwh. Let us see if the 'lizard' battery does better than my 2011, which lost a capacity bar at 6,771 miles.

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