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Re: 9/17/13: ECOtality files for bankrupcy and gets Nissan l

Tue May 13, 2014 4:47 pm

GRA wrote:
QueenBee wrote:
QueenBee wrote: Obviously a regional thing but we are getting things repaired in Seattle area. For example one of our Blink DCQCs just got a pair of the new Yazaki "gun" connectors.
Here's a message sent out by the company doing repairs on our Blinks:

"Car Charging Group is getting Blinks back online. How do I know? EV Support is now part of the tech support team!

Yesterday we fixed the DCQC at Bellvue College. I recall trying to use the right-hand unit months ago and it didn't work. Apparently it's been out all this time, because the College made a laminated 'out of order' sign for it. Well, it turns out that there was a relay that was unplugged, and sitting next to its socket, probably since the thing was installed. Both sides are working now, and we replaced the Chademo plugs. The new ones are much improved with a thumb button activating the latch instead of that stupid lever, and they weigh about half as much as the old ones. All the DCQC's will be getting new plugs. We also fixed the touch screen in the right hand L2 unit up in the parking garage.

I will send updates as we get these repaired. Apparently there are 100 on the ASAP list, and we will eventually be visiting them all.

The Bellevue Fred Meyer DCQC install was completed back in August, but its service was never connected to PSE. I will be investigating and will send an update when I have info."

-- Jeremy Smithson, EV Support, a div. of Puget Sound Solar LLC
Meanwhile, here in the Bay Area one of the connectors on the Hayward QC has been out of service for 5 months now. I sent Car Charging Group an email about six weeks ago asking what they planned to do about it, as it had been reported on Plugshare all that time. The first reply was a form email asking me a bunch of dumb questions which I had already answered in the original email, so my reply was more than a little peeved. I then got a reply from an actual person, who apologized and said that the QC was a known problem and there was on a work ticket on it. Absolutely nothing has been done since then. Seeing as how they sent out a press release a few months ago extolling how they'd brought many Blinks ( including this one IIRR) back into operation, I'm not impressed.
Yesterday I went by the Hayward Blink QC mentioned in my post above, and noticed that both connectors had been replaced by the new gun type. I think one connector was out of service for 7 months total. However, they didn't bother to repair two of the three Blink L2s out of ten nearby, which have been OoS for at least a month now. One was vandalized (the glass screen behind the touch screen is smashed), and the other, on one of the two handicapped spaces, has been showing nothing but a few black vertical lines on its screen. Another unit had been refusing to come out of standby mode, but that one is now showing normal. I continue to be underwhelmed by CCGI, but judging by their financials I imagine they're just hanging on and hoping someone will buy them out.
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Re: 9/17/13: ECOtality files for bankrupcy and gets Nissan l

Fri May 16, 2014 2:42 am

pkulak wrote:
QueenBee wrote:
pkulak wrote:Well, what part of that loss was capital gains?
Not sure exactly what you mean by capital gains but the more than a 1/3rd of it was compensation. They have the tax filing to show you how it is broken up.
I mean that they bought Blink. Is that part of the losses?

The actual purchase isn't a loss, it's aquiring assets, inventory, etc.

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Re: 9/17/13: ECOtality files for bankrupcy and gets Nissan l

Sun Nov 23, 2014 3:11 am

Back to the subject of CCGI. I noticed that from" onclick=";return false;, their stock is now down to $0.41. Their stock was more almost triple that when they won the bid for Ecotality ( ... n-at-auct/" onclick=";return false;) on Oct 14, 2013.

From" onclick=";return false;, it still seems like their business is unsustainable. For the most recent quarter ending June 30, 2014 they had $973K in revenue but net income was -$7.1 million. For those who don't grok financial terminlogy, when you sell just under a $1 million of products and services but spend $8 million to do it, that's not a recipe for surivial.

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