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Re: Public Blinks still the pits

Mon Nov 17, 2014 6:45 am

Pipcecil wrote: And they are STILL unreliable. So many stations broken, so many stations never reported being broke (even on the maps) until you drive up to the units themselves. Its just awful. I was really hoping CarCharging would fix the Blink mess. All they did was fix a few stations, not maintain the rest (which some now broke), and increase our cost by 150%.

We have eVgo here and they are awesome. Yea, its hard to keep doing the monthly payments, but they are consistent, reliable, and will work hard to make sure their units are always functional. To me, that reliability is worth every penny.
Living in DF/W, I have the same opinion. I literally will NOT plan a trip that requires using a blink station. There's about a 25% chance it will be broken when I get there and a 25% chance it will be ICE'd. Leaving a 50% chance that I'll be able to use the station. That's just not an acceptable risk. EVGO stations are far more reliable and they have towing enforcement so the stations are rarely ICE'd. So if dependability is what you need, EVGO is the only game in town.
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