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Re: Is my Blink Home EVSE safe for 6.6 kW charging?

Tue Aug 26, 2014 2:04 pm

wwhitney wrote:
pchilds wrote:The price of a replacement J1772 port is $69 from Quick Charge Power.
Sorry, I didn't understand that was the part you were referring to. Maybe the heat damage extended to the wiring harness and elsewhere?

Cheers, Wayne
Tony was here recently and he said that they sell the J1772 stuff just above cost as a service to the EV community. The normal pricing is much higher and I am sure that from a Nissan Dealer using genuine parts it is outrageous. It probably has the proper cable and connectors on it.

We would just splice in the connections but the factory has to make it look like there was never a problem.
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Re: Is my Blink Home EVSE safe for 6.6 kW charging?

Tue Sep 02, 2014 10:21 pm

According to the dealer, the heat damaged wiring all the way back to the battery. $400 was car rental.

And of course now that I have paid all communication has gone dark. Still haven't even replaced the dang bad cable on the blink unit so am stuck with L1 charging. Meaning I am driving my car less on the weekends frankly.

Have to say I feel pretty passionately that I was held hostage by this deal and unable to negotiate at any point. How do I even know how far back the cables were damaged? Not like they let me see anything after replacement.

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Re: Is my Blink Home EVSE safe for 6.6 kW charging?

Tue Sep 02, 2014 11:34 pm

TonyWilliams wrote:
ahagge wrote: I believe that one owner (Tony Williams, IIRC) partially melted the J1772A socket on his vehicle (a new RAV-4 EV) with a Blink with the stock cord.

Most people are recommending that if you have the electrical skill, you should replace the cord with a 40A-rated cable from a different manufacturer, such as this one that forum member Chris Howell is selling for his OpenEVSE unit.
Yes, that was me with the melted Yazaki J1772 inlet on my 2012 Rav4 EV.

Its also myself and my brother who makes the 40 amp J1772 cable for Chris.
Yep, and for reference for others (hope this hasn't been posted already)," onclick=";return false; and" onclick=";return false; were threads on that.

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