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Re: Blink changes billing model for public charging

Sat Jul 18, 2015 7:33 pm

From: Lindsay P. (Blink Network Customer Support) <support@blinknetwork.zendesk.com>
To: Jack Meyer <jcm2989@aim.com>
Sent: Sat, Jul 18, 2015 5:18 am
Subject: [Blink Network, A Car Charging Company] Re: Thank you for contacting Blink Network

Lindsay P.
Lindsay P. (Blink Network, A Car Charging Company)
Jul 18, 5:18 AM
Hello Jack,
Thank you for contacting Blink Network. We appreciate your feedback in regard to our new post-charging occupancy fees. We believe that this new policy will have a positive impact on the EV community as a whole. We are simply trying to encourage our customers to share the charging units and only be plugged in for the amount of time it takes them to charge their vehicles. We understand that not all drivers will be supportive of the new policy, however, please note that implementation of the policy will vary based on contract and location type.
We are open to specific suggestions by location that may need to be exempt from the program. We are still working on adjusting the policy at this time.
We thank you for voicing your concerns. If you have any additional feedback regarding the new pricing structure, please respond directly to this email.
Thank you,
Lindsay P.
Blink Network

Good PR that does not address a capitalistic policy that will in time involve acquisitions and mergers to control market share and drive up prices due to monopolistic tendencies. It is simply the capitalistic way. Who is looking to purchase you and who are you looking to purchase. Monopolizing market share is the goal and customer service is diminished. No need to respond with another corporate form letter. I will post this to the Nissan leaf forum.

Jack Meyer

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