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Re: Need help diagnosing a failed Blink EVSE

Mon Jan 12, 2015 4:36 pm

TimLee wrote:... Don't understand why they were pushing software that corrupted the SD card. ...
Lot's of device makers have found that using SD cards as a live filesystem in embedded products is a crapshoot. Commercial cards can have internal changes from the ones that were tested. Also field software updates are always prone to problems like the power being interrupted at the wrong time...or bugs that sometimes corrupt the card. The only upside is that, given a good image, it's fairly easy for an end user to resurrect a unit that has a corrupted card.
TimLee wrote:... Oh, they want all the residential units back for upgrade and use in commercial service ;)
I just wish they wanted them badly enough to offer me a better deal than $100 off MSRP on a new one and a nearly useless $100 charging credit with a six month expiration date (considering that I'm not likely to spend even $10 on Blink charging in that period of time...).
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