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newer (2019?) public Blink L2 EVSEs and DC FCs

Thu Dec 19, 2019 10:15 pm

After stumbling across a pic someone posted on a Leaf FB group of a Blink EVSE I'd never seen before (no, not old garbage from 2010 or 2011) nor their re-branded "HQ", I was curious. Take a look at

There are L2 EVSEs that I've not seen before, including one (IQ 200) allegedly capable of up to 80 amps of output. Spec sheet claims "Future-proof design with variable charging currents 12A - 80A"

The DC FC they show is one from Veefil, just like what ChargePoint had been re-branding. The page also says
DC Fast Chargers currently on Blink Network offer the CHAdeMO connector, but there are plans to incorporate other standards, such as the SAE combo and Tesla’s proprietary connector, in the future.
Not clear when this change happened as I tried looking at a few archived copies of this page and they were busted.

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