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Blink "Pro member", changes and upgrades?

Thu Aug 13, 2020 1:12 am

I received an email "Join the Blink EVolution!" that had a bunch of stuff including:
Hi (my name was here)
Join the Blink EVolution!

We're excited to share a refreshing new look and improved experience for our members and hosts.
Featuring a website, new redesigned driver portal, and a new Blink Pro Membership, we are bursting with more choices and savings than ever before. Follow us on social media to stay up to date with all the changes!
Now is the time to upgrade to Pro Member.

Click below to upgrade for free and we’ll add a $5 charging credit to your prepaid account!
Oh, and the first 50 Pro members have a chance to win a $300 public charging credit!
Unfortunately, the upgrade link didn't help as I was unable to login w/my username and password. I tried the forget password link several times to no avail. No reset password email ever came, even after waiting all day.

Although I've been receiving emails from Blink for ages maybe they deleted my account as I never responded to this from July 2019:
"Your Blink membership has been temporarily suspended due to expired credit card information. Log into your Blink account to update your credit card information today and reinstate your Blink account."

Anyway... I signed up for a "new" account w/the same email address I used before and it seems like they now require you to preload some $ (e.g. $10 min) in order to even charge at all. No thanks. In my over 7 years of EV driving, not once have I ever used nor paid for Blink.

I did find this press release that mentions "Pro" accounts at ... ience.html.
Along with the digital platform improvements, Blink announced a new membership offering to its existing 180,000+ membership base, the Pro membership. All new Blink members will automatically be enrolled in the new Pro membership. It will provide Blink with a prepaid membership option while offering EV driver additional benefits and convenience. New Pro membership benefits include exclusive member charging rates and discounts on the Blink HQ 100 residential charging station. mentions "Becoming a member is quick, easy, and free. Get 20% off or more when charging at any of our public locations nationwide."

In checking, boy.. the rates are still the same ripoff rates in CA: 49 cents/kWh for members for L2 and 59 cents/kWh for DC FCing.

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