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Re: SF bay area Blink service?

Mon Jun 04, 2012 8:40 am

Electrician came out Saturday to replace the SD card. (He also removed a magnetic card reader
on the inside that was supposed to only be on commercial units, not residential). He put everything
back together and restarted the Blink and all he got was a screen that said Please wait...
He's never seen a bad card in the 80 updates he's done so far, but he tried a second and then a
third SD card and same results--Blink won't reboot. He put back the original SC card (with the old
firmware) and it works just fine. Not sure what happens next. He said they may have to replace
the whole unit.

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Re: SF bay area Blink service?

Mon Jun 04, 2012 8:56 am

I can think of no good reason why you would not want 2.02 as it is a giant step forward in stability... I consider it a definite must-have update.
camasleaf wrote:Is the 2.0 a mandatory upgrade? My Blink never failed to charge yet. Maybe I should make a back-up of the 1.8 SD just in case :idea: .
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Re: SF bay area Blink service?

Tue Aug 14, 2012 8:27 pm

Two weeks ago my Blink stopped working. The screen went dead. I tried rebooting by unplugging and replugging, and the screen did light up for a few seconds, then died again. It never communicated via the wireless router either during that period. I called the Blink 800 number and in 48 hours an Ecotality serviceman showed up (in a sporty sedan, not a panel wagon!), replaced one board and it was good as new. He said that it is fairly common for that board to fail. He was also surprised that the quote I got originally on the EV Project required replacement of my main panel (cost over $2000). He thought my old panel was good enough. He said I should have asked Ecotality for another quote from another electrician. I told him I had but they wouldn't let me have anyone else. He was astounded at that, then begged off saying he was just the guy who fixes them. He told me he's employed by Ecotality, not an electrician. He was great -- personable, well-spoken, fast efficient, right on time. Young black fellow. Total contrast to the original electrician, Sprig Electric.
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Re: SF bay area Blink service?

Sun Sep 02, 2012 7:10 pm

Just bought a new Leaf and the Blink was installed the same day (happy so far). The electrician Armando from Mr. Electric was very informative - walked me through a lot of stuff, and also opened it up to take care of a few things such as
(1) new SD card (with 2.1 firmware, very stable so far, I had 1 day with the 1.6 originally loaded and it was not connecting to Server etc.),
(2) tightened grounding connections (Said some units arrived with loose nuts and were causing some errors with some)
(3) validated that some distance was maintained between two items (forgot if one was a thermostat, and another sensor or something). Again the reason was that during manufactring/shipping/storage, if those two parts came too close together, the (thermal?) reading would be inaccurate and would cause self-test to fail.
(4) I myself have difficulty in trusting wifi, so ran a ethernet-cable from the blink charger to the home router - now connecting to blink server reliably (Checking through system logs).

I think 2.1 version is a great s/w update. It has been only 4-days though, so I should perhaps wait a bit before giving my verdict.
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