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Re: 2016 30 kWh Battery data

Thu Jan 14, 2021 7:49 am

tomhanman wrote:
Wed Jan 13, 2021 11:51 pm
298 gids
82.05% SOH
58.74% Hx
65.21 AHr
67,354 km (41,851 miles)
54 QC 1844 L1/L2

That all sounds great, no gids lost and capacity supposedly slightly increased, but with recent sub zero temperatures the range has been reduced from about 150kms to nearer 115. And that is with the heat pump! Bring on spring.

Nissan, sadly, are probably best avoided going forward. But there are a lot more options coming online, it's no longer a choice between Vdevil and the Muskrat!
At that pace you will qualify for a warranty exchange. A 40 kwh replacement will likely go a long way towards changing your attitude about Nissan. It should be pretty much obvious the smaller battery packs simply did not fill our needs. Even EVs with TMS like the Focus did not do well. Current battery tech says we need more range than we plan to use. Shallower cycling, lower DC sessions while roadtripping, etc., simply doesn't work with small packs. Even if your needs are modest like 25 miles a day, you should be driving no less than a 150 mile EV. If you make more than 2 longer distance trips a month, then 200 plus should be your target.
2011 SL; 44,598 mi, 87% SOH. 2013 S; 44,840 mi, 91% SOH. 2016 S30; 29,413 mi, 99% SOH. 2018 S; 25,185 mi, SOH 92.23%. 2019 S Plus; 16,686 mi, 92.44% SOH
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