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How does Nissan Connect wake a 2016 or later car?

Posted: Sun Jun 04, 2017 10:40 pm
by carrott
Hi all,

I've found that the OVMS remote climate control activation does not work on a friends JDM 2016 30kWh Leaf. The OVMS sends a message on the EV bus with ID 0x68c and payload 0x00 to wake the car up, and then it sends 0x56e with payload 0x4e to turn on climate control. This works on Gen 2 cars but it doesn't wake up my friend's 2016 model.

Does anyone know how the new cars are woken up? Is the TCU still connected to the EV CAN bus?

Can anyone make a recording of the EV CAN bus during a Nissan Connect remote climate control activation on a 2016 or later Leaf?

Your help would be greatly appreciated because in New Zealand we cannot use the Nissan Connect service to do this ourselves -- the imported SIM cards don't work here, and when you change the SIM, the Nissan Connect server can't wake the car up because it uses an SMS and the phone number changes with the new SIM so the SMS never arrives.


Re: How does Nissan Connect wake a 2016 or later car?

Posted: Mon Jun 05, 2017 5:57 pm
by Mitchell
On my Canadian 2016 30 kW•h Leaf that wake-up command does reliably wake-up the Car CAN bus.

I don't believe the TCU is connected to the EV CAN bus, the TCU is only connected to the Car CAN bus.

If the Leaf has a TCU then putting a Climate Control start message onto the Car CAN bus must be done repeatedly as the messages you put onto the Car CAN bus are competing with conflicting messages from the TCU.

I posted some detail on starting the Climate Control in my post here (in point 2, after the text "Now for the three 'buttons'").
So while the Carloop is asking for the Climate Control to start, the TCU is sending a message (every 100 ms) to the Climate Control to not change, and the Leaf's VCM would not be expecting to receive such conflicting messages. After much testing I found that it usually works to send the 0x56E messages more often than the TCU, and send them for longer than the TCU would when it starts the Climate control. I settled on sending the bus wake-up (0x68C 00) , followed 50 ms later by 0x56E 4E 08 12 00 to turn on Climate Control, then delaying another 20 ms and repeating this Climate Control command another 45 times at 60 ms intervals.

Re: How does Nissan Connect wake a 2016 or later car?

Posted: Sun Dec 10, 2017 3:07 am
by carrott
Thank you Mitchell!

Moving from the EV bus to the CAR bus and adjusting the 0x56E message as you suggest works! I've been tied up porting the leaf support to the new OVMS v3 hardware and only recently got a chance to sit down and test your advice. OVMS v3 has more can bus hardware so the only changes needed are to send the new message on the Car bus. I think I can make it work on the OVMS v2 as well, but I'll have to port all the other functionality to work on the CAR bus, as this hardware only supports one bus and it's all written for the EV bus.

Do you happen to know how to turn climate control off? An how to override the charge timer and start charging now?

Thanks for your help.

Re: How does Nissan Connect wake a 2016 or later car?

Posted: Tue Dec 12, 2017 3:24 am
by carrott
I captured some frames from my TCU idling (I can't get it to do anything else) and ran some experiments based on what worked on earlier cars and ended up with the following which works on my 2016 Leaf:

0x56e 4e 08 12 00 # Enable Climate Control (thanks Mitchell)
0x56e 56 00 01 00 # Disable Climate Control
0x56e 66 08 12 00 # Start Charging

I tried a few things to stop charging but didn't find anything that works (not sure that this function exists)

I'll post a link to the OVMS code that implements this shortly.

Re: How does Nissan Connect wake a 2016 or later car?

Posted: Tue Jan 02, 2018 3:11 pm
by carrott
I've added support to emulate both the new and old TCUs with the OVMS v3 hardware, based on a configuration option. The v3 hardware has 3 CAN transceivers and is connected to both the EV and Car CAN buses so I select which bus to send on, and also what to send.

See OvmsVehicleNissanLeaf::RemoteCommandHandler() at ... f.cpp#L611 for the wake up which just moves bus but is otherwise unchanged between new and old TCU.

See OvmsVehicleNissanLeaf::SendCommand() ( ... f.cpp#L454) for the send command implementation.

I've got experimental support for both new and old TCU's with OVMS v2 hardware -- for the new TCU, you need to use the "standard" cable which connects the single can transceiver in the OVMS v2 hardware to the Car bus instead of the EV bus. I haven't looked closely at what other functionality stops working when you do this, state of charge works but maybe charger state doesn't.

Re: How does Nissan Connect wake a 2016 or later car?

Posted: Wed Nov 07, 2018 2:24 am
by happyfunball
I have a 2016 Leaf in New Zealand and I'm trying to get OVMS v3 climate control working. SOC works great, thanks for your work on this! I see SOH in the metrics but its always 0, not sure if I'm reading the wrong place.

Climate control (homelink 1) works sometimes but is unreliable. If I disable the TCU on the car, will climate control work? I don't think I need voice commands so Im not too worried about losing that functionality with the TCU (if thats what happens).