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Re: OBD2 Bluetooth and 2017 Leaf

Fri Feb 02, 2018 12:44 pm

Hi all, new to the frum but I got this dongle today...


Works with Leaf Spy :D

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Re: OBD2 Bluetooth and 2017 Leaf

Fri May 25, 2018 1:31 am

sonic1 wrote:I found a paper online on data extraction from the OBD port on the leaf. It states that the Leaf protocol is "mode 6 (ISO-15765-4 CAN". I checked several of the OBD dongles on Amazon and found that all of them do not support this protocol. I just ordered an adapter that supports the protocol, and a splitter cable for OBD connectors. When I get and test the adapter I will report the results.
What was the result? Have a link to what you ordered?

I wouldn't bother looking for such protocols. Just use ones that are reported to work recently and/or recommended by Turbo3, author of Leaf Spy.

The two I ordered in July 2015 based upon experiences/guidance here and on the wiki worked just fine.

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Re: OBD2 Bluetooth and 2017 Leaf

Fri May 25, 2018 5:09 am

Im wondering if people are having trouble with the Bluetooth obd connector, or the software connection on the phone?

I bought both an android AND Apple version, and they both work... It just takes a little time to get the Leafspy settings correctly....

I remember that the first few times I connected the Bluetooth adapter, leafspy did not recognize the data. I needed to go into the "settings menu" (the little gear picture) and set the correct OBDII choice and then do the password of 1234..

I think we should have a step by step procedure available for new users, because I cannot imagine that so many connecters reportedly do not work on Leafspy.

My reasoning is... All OBDII connectors must be reading the car's OBD plug correctly... (that is a standard interfaces). ALL cell phones should be able to connect to the Bluetooth signal.... (Have you ever heard of a phone that cannot connect to Bluetooth speakers or headphones??) I really think the problem is to get leafspy settings to the proper Bluetooth settings..

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