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Post Your 30 kwh Battery LEAFspy Cell Voltages at VLB Here

Mon Jul 16, 2018 4:05 pm

As part of the digging into what Nissan did to the 30 kWh LEAFs in their recent software update, some information has been posted regarding minimum cell voltage at the 'very low battery' warning. My reading so far has come up with conflicting reports so I would like to aggregate information in this thread. I request that people post screenshots of the relevant LeafSpy screen, and annotate whether the data is before or after the update. If you don't know how to post a photo, feel free to send it to me via PM and I will post for you. I'll also add a public link here to a Google photos album that will hold all the photos I receive.

I'll add a photo to this OP later of my LeafSpy at VLB as an example, although note that I have a 24 kWh LEAF manufactured 10/2013.
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Re: Post Your 30 kwh Battery LEAFspy Cell Voltages at VLB Here

Mon Jul 16, 2018 4:18 pm

To be clear, the stages of warnings are:
LBW -> VLBW -> turtle -> dead

In the past, on 24 kWh batteries, LBW sounded at around 49 or 50 gid and VLBW at around 24 gid. Maybe someone can chime on the former (and after update) gid counts for LBW and VLBW for 30 kWh batteries.

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