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Re: LEAF CANbus decoding. (Open discussion)

Sun Jan 10, 2021 12:32 am

More good info, thanks Dala. I am away from home at the moment but am doing two things while away:
1- rewriting my code to include the MPRUN/CSUM/CRC as described in your video. This will certainly change some of the outcomes I am getting and explains a lot about my lack of success on the OBC/charger project, I will be revisting that shortly I hope to. The more I think about it the more significant this information is.
2- Writing a new piece of code to run on a stand alone UNO and an MCP2515 that emulates a Nissan Leaf or at least the BMS relevant VCM & OBC communication. This will help reduce the code development time by not having to connect to the car until the code is really ready ;) and advance the OBC charger project.
More to follow, Thanks again.
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