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Re: SOC-Meter Assembly/Test Problems

Fri Aug 05, 2011 5:56 pm

garygid wrote:Yes, it seems correct for 1/3 down in Old-Bars.

And, Good Work.
Thanks. I thought it might be old bars/new bars.

I drove around the block another couple of times:

66.5% 187 raw
66.1% 186 raw
65.8% 185 raw
65.4% 184 raw
65.1% 183 raw
64.7% 182 raw

I could do this all night!
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Re: SOC-Meter Assembly/Test Problems

Fri Aug 05, 2011 6:35 pm

mwalsh wrote:I could do this all night!
Let us know how it goes in the morning ;-)

One thing that would be great to figure out is the usage on the freeway at different speeds. Also up & down certain hills (we will get the real regen efficiency). Still waiting for my LCD display ...
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Re: SOC-Meter Assembly/Test Problems

Fri Aug 05, 2011 7:57 pm

This raw "SOC" value is clearly NOT actually THE remaining-energy number, but only related to it.

The SOC-Meter's displayed "percentage" value is just the raw value as a percentage of 281 ((raw * 100) / 281), without any fancy mapping.

Since MANY drivers have noted reduced "mileage" during the first bar, it is clear that this "SOC" number drops faster at the high end.

There are two main probable causes:

1. There is little/no/reduced Regen when the battery is near full, so the EV wastes energy braking.

2. This "pseudo-SOC" value might be derived from an estimate of the Battery Pack's "resting" voltage, which has a faster drop at 100% than at 50%.

We do not know how this "SOC" number is generated within the LEAF, but we do know that it goes up when we charge, can go up when we Regen enough, and usually goes down when we drive normally.

It might seem like charging to 90% or 95% (or about 11 Bars) might be an efficient choice.
See SOC/GID-Meter and CAN-Do Info
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