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Re: Getting a E-1 vs. ToU rate comparison from PG&E?

Sat Jul 05, 2014 1:58 am

natel wrote:If anyone has solar, time of use pge metering, and a Nissan leaf, I'd love to hear about your experience. We currently have solar and are considering getting a Nissan Leaf.
I have solar, TOU PGE (E9AXB) and a LEAF. Look at LEAF House on PVOUTPUT.ORG and use the live view to see the use as well as the generation. (Note there is a problem with the measureit app running on raspberry pi that overwrites the last hour of use with the first hour of the next day).

I generate 9,000 KWHr in a year, use about 10,000 KWHr/year, drive the LEAF 11,000 miles a year, 99% charge at home on offpeak and have about a -$350 electric bill on NEM. Since I use more than I generate I don't get any cash from PG&E but the peak energy rate compared to the off peak is about 8 to 1 so that is the main contributor to the credit. I also do not have AC but do have pool filter. For my use patterns, the E9A rate and E6 rates are equivalent since the E6 peak rate also applies on the weekend while the E9A is off peak on the weekend. For rate comparison there is an iPhone app called PG&E Toolkit that compares all the current plans with your history energy use. I charge the LEAF every night and with the 3.8KW 240V charging it takes 2.5 hours or about 10KWHr per day. What other questions do you have?
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