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Interesting "auction" on eBay regarding Enecsys microinverters

Fri Nov 10, 2017 9:14 am

This "auction" is really a PSA explaining what is wrong with the Enecsys inverters which are being sold on eBay:
enecsysparts on eBay wrote:This auction is for advice. We will answer any technical question we can regarding Enecsys products

Enecsys micro inverters went out of business due to a massive high failure rate

Somebody in California, purchased over 50,000 faulty micro inverters from the bankruptcy trustee for less then one dollar each and is willfully selling them with faulty software for over 40-50 times what they paid for them. See Federal court order pictures. This person doesn't care about fire, safety, monitoring or tech support. This person is not disclosing they have a very high failure rate due to faulty firmware. This person does not sell them with a warranty nor has any new software.

The attached pictures are what often happens to these inverters with the faulty firmware. For more information purchase this listing. You would not buy a new car without a consumer report. Don't spent a penny buying enecsys inverters from anybody without taking a closer look.

If the inverters are properly reworked with new firmware and a few modifications they are reliable.
The "auction" also includes pictures of a disassembled Enecsys inverter showing a massive amount of burning of the internal components. (Unlike Enphase inverters, these inverters are not potted.)

I suppose this seller may have kits available to upgrade these inverters to a workable condition, but I'm not sure anyone would want to go through all that and still have no warranty.

Interestingly, when they came out, the Enecsys microinverters were widely touted as the first microinverters which did not contain electrolytic capacitors. While I agree that getting rid of the aluminum electrolytic capacitors is critical to being able to achieve a lifetime longer than 15 years (per the capacitor manufacturer), the elimination of this type of capacitor is a long way from being able to deliver an inverter which is durable and reliable in real-life conditions. The design and manufacture of reliable power-electronic devices is completely non-trivial. It's good that some designers have managed to create extremely durable and reliable products.
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