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License plate frame free to good (solar LEAF) home

Posted: Fri Jan 05, 2018 5:44 pm
by wsbca

We had one of the first Leafs in SoCal (vin < 300) and it served us well for 7 years, but we didn't lose our bars soon enough to get a new battery and we need a bit more range, so it has moved on via Carmax to be replaced by a Bolt -hopefuly someone will get a great deal either on a short range (or charge at work) carpool lane commuter, or have the battery replaced and then it will be like new.

Anyway, it was pretty much entirely fueled via our solar panels, and it had a custom license plate frame proclaiming "This LEAF is Powered by the Sun" which I kept. If anyone who drives a solar powered Leaf would want and use the frame I'll be happy to send it to you for free. Send me a message and we can work out how to get it to you.