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Rant: It appears Enphase has made the Envoy a single-point failure for their systems

Sat Mar 24, 2018 6:09 am

I have quite a few M190 inverters which have been in storage as cold spares for over a year. I recently put some of these inverters back into service, but what I found is that they did not work until they could talk to an Envoy. In a discussion with pclifton regarding the incident, he indicated that an acquaintance of his has told him that his M190s need to talk to an Envoy at least once each year or they stop working!

So I find myself wondering how Enphase can be so monumentally stupid to take components which are supposed to have a very long operational life and which are specified to have "No single point of system failure" on the datasheet and make them ALL disable themselves one year after a single component in the system fails? in my opinion, that says these units are completely out of specification BY DESIGN!

Of course I cannot easily confirm this behavior since it does not appear to be documented anywhere. Does anyone have any further information regarding this issue with M190s or any other Enphase microinverters? Does anyone have any idea what the purpose of such a "feature" would be? To get customers to buy a new Envoy when theirs fails and customers be damned if Enphase goes out of business?
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