Are you a net producer or consumer of electricity?

I consume more electricity than I produce.
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I produce more electricity than I consume.
It's pretty close - let's call it a net-zero.
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Re: Are you a net producer or consumer of electricity?

Tue Mar 15, 2016 9:18 am

Rural property with cabin style home supplied by a "friendly" cooperative that sells/buys at the same energy $$s (distribution added). Installed a 4000 watt PV system about 20 months ago. Producing about 80% of usage. Last months bill was $1 including TT&L.

Off-grid adaptable with minor changes with a limited battery bank (basically golf cart + spare set). Thinking about adding another ~3000 watts for the Leaf in the future - would do it now if "off-grid" technology was available for the Leaf's battery. Seems simply a matter of time for PowerWall, HEMS, etc to put the puzzle pieces together - we'll see.
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Re: Are you a net producer or consumer of electricity?

Sun Apr 03, 2016 11:40 am

RegGuheert wrote:February 3:

Feb 3, 2015 meter reading: 12,656 kWh
Feb 3, 2016 meter reading: 14,225 kWh
Grid consumption during past 12 months: 1569 kWh

PV production from Feb 2015 through Jan 2016: 18,361 kWh

Total electricity consumption: 19,930 kWh

Fraction provided by PV: 92%
RegGuheert wrote:March 3:

Mar 3, 2015 meter reading: 14,413 kWh
Mar 3, 2016 meter reading: 14,763 kWh
Net grid consumption during past 12 months: 350 kWh

PV production from Mar 2015 through Feb 2016: 18,192 kWh

Total electricity consumption: 18,542 kWh

Fraction provided by PV: 98%
April 3:

Apr 3, 2015 meter reading: 14,729 kWh
Apr 3, 2016 meter reading: 14,598 kWh
Net grid consumption during past 12 months: -131 kWh

PV production from Apr 2015 through Mar 2016: 18,143 kWh

Total electricity consumption: 18,012 kWh

Fraction provided by PV: 100.7%

Woohoo! That's the first time that we have produced more electricity in any 12-month period than we have consumed.

Hopefully we can maintain or increase this difference going forward. Last year at this time, our heat-pump water heater was consuming about 300 kWh extra each month due to being low on refrigerant. That problem was not fixed until about June 15, so there may be an extra 700 kWh in the energy budget there. Also, we had a very cloudy June last year, which may account for another 500 kWh. Before we started consuming electricity last fall, we had banked about 3 MWh of electricity. I'm hopeful that we will bank 4 MWh or more before winter this year. It seems we are off to a good start, since we are already 170 kWh below the March 3 reading.
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Re: Are you a net producer or consumer of electricity?

Sun Apr 03, 2016 7:21 pm

In March, we produced 1.28MWh via solar and consumed 2.61MWh, consuming 1.33MWh net.
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