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Public Charging Stations on TransCanada Hiway Kamloops East

Mon Mar 31, 2014 8:58 am

Thanks to our BC members for keeping us up to date on public charging stations in the lower mainland.
A recent trip to Vancouver and coastal Washington was eye opening when we discovered charging stations at the Merritt Husky and in Chilliwack and at rest stops on I-5 in Washington. Looking at buying a new or used west coast Leaf since the Alberta Nissan dealers can't be bothered stocking them. The big question is how far east can I get the vehicle before I have to truck it the rest of the way to Alberta. If I get it to Kamloops it is still 500 miles to home on a truck. Either that or I buy a generator at Walmart and run it and plug it in every so many miles.

Anyone of any public charging stations on highways in Alberta, such as 16, 1, or 2? Alberta is such a primitive society we are pleased when we find outhouses that are open, or that are open and have toilet paper. Civilized rest stops as found in Washington State are beyond hope in this oil obsessed province.


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