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Lbw to turtle 42.5 Km

Thu Jun 26, 2014 7:29 pm

Lithy's birthday today so I decided to check SOH . With all that I've read on this forum, I was a little worried about monitoring degradation and bottom end capacity seeing as I don't have any Leaf Spy or app running (Just Tony's range chart). I ran to turtle and here are some stats; LBW occurred at 19%, VLBW occurred at 9% and the GOM flashed (---), at 6% the dash display flashed (---), I had to guess the KM from VLBW to turtle but I would peg it at about 4 KM. When turtle hits the traction motor energy is reduced but you can still drive (slow acceleration) I drove it about 1 KM to an L2 EVSE. Total KM from LBW to turtle was an impressive 42.5 KM ! with an average speed about 50 KM/H. This should help other Leafers who aren't sure of the low end range. Charging to 100% took 5 Hours, 30 minutes and 29 seconds (probably due to the ramping down close to the top end of the battery and balancing). (By the way no one was waiting for a charge and I stuck around close in case someone did). OK, here it is... 24.612 KW total charge. Thanks Lithy! 2013 SL, manufacture date 06/13, sea level, 20 degrees C, 5025 KM.
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Re: Lbw to turtle 42.5 Km

Tue Jul 08, 2014 8:52 pm

Thanks for sharing! That sounds like a long trek from LBW. That's almost 1/3 of the total rated range, isn't it, even though you were at 1/5 the charge? I wonder if it's like ICE cars where you have a "reserve" tank of about 5L that's still left when a car gets to empty.

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