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Re: Vancouver to Banff

Fri May 06, 2016 8:23 pm

achewt wrote:[snip...]
WetEV wrote:
achewt wrote:- Each place only has 120V/30A outlets (that I can find), so if you have an EVSE capable of drawing 120V/24A (not many can), you have about 6+ hours of en-route charging
I think you are correct, and I've never seen an EVSE capable of 120V/24A. Most current I've seen in a L1 is 120V/20A: ... -ft-cable/

Perhaps then add a NEMA TT-30, but at least the early 2011 and 2012 Leafs couldn't charge at this current. Can later Leafs charge at 120V above 12A on 120V?
Scroll down to the Charging Equipment section ( and click on BSA Electronics - this guy builds high - quality Open EVSE products. I bought one last year and have used it several times now, and can confirm that it will charge at at least 20A on a 120V TT-30 outlet. I've actually never tried 24A, because I was camping overnight anyways and didn't need maximum juice. I should have a chance to try it during a road trip at the end of April and will report back.

And oh yeah, 3% is wayyyy too close for comfort :) If my sheet says anything less than 10%, I either slow down or go a different route. Some routes it is incredibly unsafe to slow down on, and I would count this as one of those routes.
Update on using my Open EVSE on 120V/30A TT-30 outlet for charging: I did get a chance to use it twice on my trip last week.

First time I charged overnight from almost flat and had about 9 - 10 hours, so I set it at 18A and the car accepted that power with no quibble.

The next day I set the unit to 24A. After 45 minutes, I had not recuperated as much energy as I expected (based on Leaf Spy, dash SOC, etc) - in fact I had only been averaging about 1.7 kW into the battery, despite Leaf Spy showing 2.6 - 2.8 kW. After that though, it picked up dramatically and charged at the displayed rate in Leaf Spy. Not sure why that happened. Delayed me by about a 1/2 hour, which wasn't too bad.
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