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Re: OHIO - Cleveland - Northeastern Ohio / Midwest

Posted: Wed Sep 11, 2013 7:45 pm
by Shaka
da119 wrote:And just for fun, I saw a white Leaf tonight on Chagrin on my way home from work. So...anyone driving on Chagrin tonight? :p
If that was us you would probably notice. We have white wheels with pink accents (it is my wife's car, after all) (see below)


We do live in Beachwood and travel NEAR Chagrin. I don't think we were on Chagrin Blvd tonight. But we do come home via Shaker Blvd to get my daughter from school. We were down near Richmond/Chagrin on our way to swimming, and on our way home from swimming. And again down near Green/Chagrin for parent/teacher conferences this evening at my daughter's school. So all in all we were down in the Rich/Chag area a few times this evening... it MAY have been us ;)

Re: OHIO - Cleveland - Northeastern Ohio / Midwest

Posted: Wed Sep 11, 2013 8:31 pm
by da119

Well, regardless of who's Leaf it was, it was on the other side and I just caught a glimpse of it. that you've shared a picture I can almost surely say I've seen your Leaf! It was parked at Ganley Nissan awhile ago when I was charging one day and I took a picture. Definitely noticed the pink around the wheels.

I'd post the picture, but I'm not entirely sure how (or think I have that feature).

So here's a link..." onclick=";return false;

I've also added my Leaf to the 2 picture set!


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Posted: Thu Sep 12, 2013 4:48 am
by Shaka
da119 that you've shared a picture I can almost surely say I've seen your Leaf! It was parked at Ganley Nissan awhile ago when I was charging one day and I took a picture. Definitely noticed the pink around the wheels.
Yep that is our family daily driver. It was recently up there for some "software update" (letter came in the mail). Cannot say we've seen ANY note worthy difference since the upgrade. Never the less, that is why it was there (and you can see the service tag in the window).

I'm really happy to say that the reliability of this car has been top notch. Knock on wood, nary an issue with the 7500 miles of driving. Better than I can say about other cars we've owned, even BMW and Volkswagen and Audi brand cars we've bought new. VERY happy with the Leaf.....

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Posted: Thu Sep 12, 2013 12:15 pm
by dqr
Thank you for all the info, Ari and the other David. I have only charged at home so far. Overnight charging works for me because I drive my wife's ICE car if I need to go long distance. Since Leaf is so fun to drive, I use it more than my regular commuting. My average mileage per day is about 50 so far and I'm set to bust the 24,000 miles limit on the lease.

I don't know how to post an image. Hope that you can see my white Leaf below.

Or you can try this link: ... 20Leaf.jpg

I'd be glad to hear what's going on in the Columbus plug-in day event. Hope that there is one in NEOhio pretty soon.

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Posted: Tue Oct 22, 2013 7:47 pm
by da119
Hi Ari and David -

Updating you both (any anyone else who reads this thread) on the event in Columbus and chargers in Cleveland -

I made it to Columbus! I had to stop both in Medina and Mansfield (both Nissan dealers) but had absolutely no trouble charging. Here are the details for the trip:
(David - if you have a 2013 Leaf (not an S), I think you can charge at 6.6 KW which would make the trip faster)

Medina is about 35 miles from Shaker - charged for about 2 hours in Medina (walked around and got breakfast)
Mansfield is around 50 miles from Medina - charged for 4 hours (they have a free dealership shuttle that will take you to the mall, etc.)
Columbus is about 70 miles from Mansfield - there are charging stations in the city
(on the return trip, you spend more time (5 hours+) charging in Mansfield)

I did not confirm with Medina, but Mansfield has their chargers on all the time.

In the end, I left Cleveland at 7:12 AM and arrived (with traffic) at 5:41 PM at a charger in Columbus (friend picked me up while car charged).I-71 has many hills which causes a significant drop in range (50 miles took 8 bars of charge away) so I played it safe with charging as much as possible. Although it takes a while, it's definitely doable! If we ever got fast charging in Ohio - it would be GREAT. If I hadn't paid for the statehouse garage to charge ($5), the entire trip (almost 500 miles) would have cost $0. Amazing.

At the event, there was one other Leaf, at least 5 volts, 3 Tesla Model S's, and a Tesla Roadster. I did take a ride in a Model S and it was definitely memorable (while being a passenger). I was able to drive a Model S the other day in Cleveland (Tesla was here) but it was disappointing (didn't really get a chance to try out the performance because of traffic). I think the Leaf can certainly remain viable into the future.

OKAY - now for the charging update -

The new Walmart in South Euclid has 4 charging units available free of charge. I've added it to Plugshare as well.

What's happening in your LEAFs?


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Posted: Tue Oct 22, 2013 8:45 pm
by Shaka
David (da119)-- thanks for the story and info. Funny, my wife/I live in Beachwood and actually visited the new Walmart the other day on the way into work. Somehow we totally missed (did not notice) the charging stations. Thanks for the heads up. So close to my house, so I'd never really see myself needing it-- but still always surely nice to know about.

I also had a chance to drive the Tesla S last weekend during their Ohio visit. We were there on Saturday evening around 4:45 PM and while the traffic was light for us (my wife/daughter joined me), the short drive still meant the experience was VERY limited. However, I found the power was great. The seats were unsupportive, the interior ergo was nice but odd, but overall the car felt amazing. However, I don't need a large sedan that big, and it felt like you would be paying a premium for performance I didn't need and battery range I did indeed want/need. So the question is, will the mainstream allow for a bigger mfg (read: Toyota, Nissan, etc) to make a car with more range? Or does that just require a larger battery that requires a larger price tag? Ehh whatever.. I don't see myself in a Tesla for a few years... maybe to replace the Leaf, but who knows. BMW is entering the market now too, and their options will probably prove more affordable. We shall see...

Your trip to C'bus sounds great, and daring! I'd love to take the Leaf on longer trips, but we have our SUV for that. Some day, however, I would love to try a longer trip say to somewhere like C'bus or Pittsburgh in the Leaf. Maybe next summer we should try to do a CLE to PIT Leaf adventure with a group!! Hahaha... except then we'd have to spend WAY too much time taking turns charging.


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Posted: Wed Jan 08, 2014 6:56 pm
by jeffberk
I live in Aurora and work at Playhouse Square. Back when the Nissan Leaf first came available in this area I took one from Streetsboro (the dealer) to my house, to Playhouse Square and then almost back to Streetsboro with 20 degrees outside. My plan was to see if it could be used for my commute. Keeping in mind that the trip was a little longer than a normal commute and I had the sales lady and my son in the car for extra weight, we didn't have enough juice to make it back and ran out of KW's 2 miles short of the dealership. I tried "gassing" it up at a BP station but the Leaf kept tripping the breaker.

My question for all you NE OH leaf owners, is the Leaf a viable option for me? I installed a charger in my garage anticipating buying one and although I can go with a Chevy Volt, there's something about the Leaf that I like.

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Posted: Wed Jan 08, 2014 7:05 pm
by Shaka
Jeff-- the range of any EV is greatly reduced in the cold weather. We live in Beachwood and work downtown, so our commute is only about 22 miles round-trip per day. On the worst cold days we can lose 50% charge in that, meaning effective range is only 45 miles or there-abouts. That is city driving at 35-40mph... so again, range will vary depending on elevation changes, speed, temperatures, tires, etc.

None of us here can really answer your question, though if you were to provide specific locations there are sites that tell you the change in elevation, and Google Maps can tell you the distance. Also consider charging options-- will you charge at home? Can you charge at/near work? (We are on East 30th, and I'm pretty sure there are charging stations nearby-- but none at my work-- how about where you park?)

I've got a friend who lives in California who uses about 40-60% of his charge driving to or from work. Hence he HAS to charge at home or at work. Luckily he works 10-hour shifts so he can charge (at just 120v) at work and regain most/all of his power. Same at home.

We love our LEAF. It has just over 10k miles and goes in tomorrow for it's first free annual check-up. They test the battery, rotate tires, check brakes, etc. We have had ZERO issues in the first year of our car and would definitely get one again. Our #1 (and really "only" complaint) is the range. In the summer with the windows down and no HVAC we can easily get 75+ miles-- but it would be nice to get even more.

Hope this helps-- if you have any other specific questions about the LEAF in Ohio, we work nearby-- we can def grab a cup of joe or just a phone call even. Send me a private message or reply here... hope we can help! - Ari

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Posted: Thu Jan 09, 2014 6:13 pm
by jeffberk
Thanks for the reply... I understand that temperature plays an important part in range, that is why I tried my drive in the coldest weather. From your comments, it looks like in winter I need to plan on a charge stop. I can charge at 240v at home. I was so sure that I was going to purchase a Leaf, I purchased and had the charger installed. In fact it was installed using a welding outlet so it is portable.

Q1) If I find a 120v outlet near where I park, will it necessary charge the Leaf? On my test drive, I tried to charge the Leaf at a gas station and the breaker kept tripping on the outlet. When I contacted Nissan, they told me I need a dedicated circuit to charge it.

Q2) There is a Level 2 charger at the Baker building 3 miles from my parking lot, but how long will I need to sit there to charge? I'm estimating 30 minutes per 5 miles. Longer if there is a line waiting for a charge (I don't know how popular that charger is). I'm unaware of any closer charger.

Q3) Am I better off staying off the freeway to extend my range?

Re: OHIO - Cleveland - Northeastern Ohio / Midwest

Posted: Thu Jan 09, 2014 6:22 pm
by Shaka
Jeff, I'll do my best to answer your questions here.

Q1 - I've managed to charge my Leaf at my parents house (Russell/Chesterland) in their garage which has just standard outlets. Home was build in 2000. It has never been an issue, and charges just fine. Not sure what the problem was with the gas station you were at, other than maybe old outlets or poor quality wiring. My friend in California uses an extension cable (proper for the draw/current) and charges as such at home and his police station at 120v without issue. Sounds like your gas station experience was a freak occurrence.

Q2 - Our Leaf is a 2012, and the newer 2013+ models have an optional 6.6 kWh charger on board. From what I understand that charges the car considerably faster when using an L2 240v charger like the one at Baker. (I've never charged at Baker, but know people who have with good success). In my 2012, a full charge when empty is maybe 5-6 hours, and again in winter that is a range of let's say 40-45 miles. Charging for 30 minutes the would be 1/12 of a charge at work (maybe better), adding about 4 miles to your range. In the summer, that same charge time could be 6-7 miles of range.

Q3 - Back when I first got our Leaf a year ago, I recall reading somewhere that the car is most optimal at 39 MPH. Not sure how true that is, or if that has changed. My understand is that freeway speeds are not as ideal because of the wind resistance the car must overcome. So it does make sense that somewhere around 39 MPH, give or take, would be a good break-even on wind vs output. From my experience personally, driving at 65 MPH on the freeway gets much worse miles per kWh compared to driving 40 MPH on city streets even in stop and go. Constant speed is good, but wind is your enemy. We have avoided freeways and managed to do what I feel is "Better" on efficiency, but again YRMV. We've driven from the Heights to the Zoo and back on a single charge without issue in mild weather! (using surface streets)

Hope this helps you out. If you could charge fully at your home and then make it on a single charge to your work, to me that is ideal. Having to charge just to make that single journey would be a hard thing to deal with for travel. Remember there are also chargers at the Walmart in South Euclid and also at the Uptown shopping near Constatinos not far from Little Italy. Not sure if those would help at all.