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Chicagoland Whole Foods chargers disappearing

Sun Mar 16, 2014 1:59 pm

I've noticed most chargepoint units at area Whole Foods have been removed, bodybagged, boarded up or otherwise unavailable. South Loop, Lincoln Park, Lakeview, Sauganash definitely, and I've seen posts on plugshare with the same situation at some suburban locations out of my driving area- maybe Schaumburg, Northbrook? Anyway the funny thing is there seem to be different reasons given for why the units are not available. Sauganash told me the company running them made the call, but I think it's car charging co and they are still doing ok right? Plus Walgreens and Sears units run by the same company are still active. lincoln park is apparently blaming EV drivers for picking fights with ICErs. Yes, we are a rowdy crowd! I was told at Sauganash that they are looking for a new company to take over the units.
Hopefully this doesnt mean the rest of the area's preciously 350green chargers are going down next.
Anyway, the more the Whole Foods locations hear that these units are missed, the more likely they will actually try to replace/ return to service.
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