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Re: DFW test drive

Mon Aug 11, 2014 2:01 pm

astricklin wrote:I don't really appreciate that some members of this forum just straight dismiss getting this vehicle if the daily commute is over 50 miles...
Why not? It's called being realistic. They are trying to keep you from having a bad car experience.

Example: My airport parking experience last week was not as I planned. My i-MiEV has less range than a LEAF, so the 52 mile round trip distance to the airport was a little too close to the 62 mile EPA-rated range of the vehicle for my liking on a single charge, especially on the highway. I got to the parking lot, plugged in my vehicle, came back 3 days later to find my car did not charge. According to the manager, the circuit breaker popped shortly after I started charging (3.3kW charger, by the way). I ended up having to make the journey on one charge.

If you don't have reliable (and 100% available) workplace charging, the commenters are correct. This isn't the car for you. There are plenty of charging stations around DFW, but are they all working? Available? There are a lot of "ifs" in this equation.
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