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Re: ICEING an EV SPACE about to Change!!??

Fri Jan 02, 2015 8:24 pm

I noticed you're still working with polymers.

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Re: ICING an EV SPACE about to Change!!??

Mon Jan 05, 2015 8:35 pm

walterbays wrote:
TomT wrote:The meter maids can take in far more from other infractions... And our police consider it beneath them to enforce such things... Thus, it is not a priority.
There's an easy fix for that... possibly with unintended consequences.

When I lived in Houston they didn't want police spending their time writing parking tickets and ordering tow trucks, but they wanted parking ordinances enforced. So in typical Texan fashion they outsourced it to private enterprise. Any licensed tow truck operator was free to tow away any illegally parked car on public or private property, so long as there were clearly marked regulation no-parking signs. The tow truck operators kept a big slice of the revenue, fine plus towing and storage fees. So they had plenty of incentive to enforce the parking laws, and they got very familiar with all the locations with the worst illegal parking problems.

The unintended consequence was because there was no incentive for them to apply common sense judgment. So for example they would stake out parking lots of businesses open 8-6 which were next door to popular night spots. When someone couldn't find a space in the night spot's lot and parked in the empty lot next door the tow truck operators would watch from concealment until they went inside, and then quickly tow away the car to a distant storage lot. All correct by the letter of the law, but not at all with the spirit of the law serving any public benefit.

So authorizing tow trucks to remove cars parked at charging stations without charging could clear up the problem quickly. But great care would have to be taken to prevent them from towing away cars during the 5 minutes after the driver got a text message that charging was complete, and before he reached the charging station to move the car. You'd also have to make sure tow truck drivers didn't learn how to stop charging prematurely in order to tow.
far be it for us to learn from this...
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