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Drive Electric Week 2017 - Austin, TX

Posted: Mon Apr 10, 2017 5:12 pm
by annabel398
Fellow central Texas Leaf owners, I ask for your help!

I followed a link in my newsfeed to the Drive Electric Week 2017 promotion, and when I looked at the map of events, I saw: Dallas, Houston, San Antonio... but nothing in Austin. What??

Well, that will NEVER do. There's an Austin event page now, and I am the city captain. I would love to brainstorm with any other Leaf / Tesla / Volt / Bolt / Fusion / Soul EV / etc. owners in Austin about what we can do to make this event a success. We have until the middle of September, so there's plenty of time. I would love to have a drive-n-ride, dealership presence, T-shirts, maybe an EV parade or EV tailgating... I was thinking maybe Whole Foods Domain as a location, since they have lots of parking and several charging stations.

Anyone in the area who is even a little bit interested, please reply here or drop me a line. I promise not to lean on you to do anything you don't want to do =) But if you're like me, you love talking up your car!

Here's a link:
Drive Electric Week homepage:
Austin event page (not much there yet):

So ping me, folks!