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Impromptu gathering of Leaf Owners in Northern Virginia

Mon Aug 05, 2013 10:39 am

I work at an office near Baily's Crossroads in Nothern Virginia. A coworker introduced me to the Leaf - he has a 2012. I began my lease a little over a week ago. He had told me that our office complex had Chargepoint charging stations (2) in a parking lot which I could get validated as long as I had a monthly parking pass. So we went down and just after I parked, another Leaf owner parked and we both got to plug in, even though one of the spots adjacent to the stations was occupied by a Ford Focus which wasn't plugged in - apparently he charges in the afternoon - not sure why he gets to take up the spot until then though. Anway, when we parked, a guy walking by was mentioning that he just bought a Leaf this weekend. So we had a small Leaf owner gather - the four of us - and talked about charging stations and options and such. Pretty cool!

Oh, also had my first person come up to me while was coming back to my car yesterday at the grocery store asking me about it. He said he'd thought about getting one but the range was too limited. Apparently having charging stations within a couple of miles was still not enough for the guy. :)

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Re: Impromptu gathering of Leaf Owners in Northern Virginia

Fri Aug 09, 2013 5:11 pm

Very Cool!

There's a Leaf owner 5 blocks from me in my town and the other day I saw him on the main drag and I sped up to him and we started talking while driving down the road while holding up all the traffic! LOL, It was pretty funny.
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