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rt 66 drivers dont let VDOT take your clean fuel plates!

Fri Jul 10, 2015 5:02 am

Many of us in the Va , dc area have clean fuel plates that allow us to drive our Leaf, volt or other EV hybrid in the HOV lanes .
VDOT is currently planning to repeal those plates and the right to drive alone in these lanes by 2017 and CHARGE A TOLL!

A grass roots campaign has been started to get VDOT to grandfather in current CFP holders and or amend the rules to encourage more EV adoption by only issuing new plates to EV's or FCEV's. There are other goals as well but this would be a great group to join, follow and support $ if you want to keep access to these lanes open to clean fuel vehicles in the future.

take a look. take action.

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