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Re: Boston / New England area

Fri Mar 04, 2011 8:38 am

Even though we don't have the "cold weather package" yet I have been feeling good about Consumer Reports review indicating that the heating in the Leaf was much better than the Volt.

And also this blog entry about the Leaf in Freezing temps and rain. ... -week.html

I just gave in and bought snow tires for my Nissan cube last month -- I REALLY hope they will fit on my Leaf for next winter (with an assumed range hit).

...Still waiting...although less patiently...

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Re: Boston / New England area

Tue Apr 12, 2011 9:10 am


I just found this thread. I am in southwestern NH. I registered for my LEAF in late April last year.

The order / rollout schedule changed since then but I didn't notice until now. It has probably changed again since the earth quake in Japan but here it is as of December 2010...

* December 2010: Arizona, California, Oregon, Tennessee, Washington.
* January 2011: Texas and Hawaii.
* April 2011: North Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland, South Carolina and Alabama;
* Fall (or maybe Summer?) of 2011: Everyone else.

The statement "or maybe Summer" above is an optimistic observation by someone at Nissan before the earth quake, which coincides with their goal to have 20,000 LEAFs on the road here this year. If I find something more current I will post it.

Unless you have registered (registration is now closed) you won't be able to buy a LEAF unless you can get hooked up with an "orphaned" LEAF (one that was ordered then refused at delivery time). Also I have seen a couple of LEAFs on Ebay. You can't just go into a Nissan dealer and buy one.

One other thing, I attended a "Drive a LEAF" event in Atlanta, where the subject of buying a LEAF outside your home area came up. They said it would be frowned uppon by Nissan. You can't change your street or city address on the reservation page you have to call Nissan.

That doesn't even say anything about having it serviced. You have no doubt noticed that there is a software glitch with A/C which causes the car to fail to start. There is a software update but if you had to drive to NYC to get it fixed you would ... well... have a problem.

Jim M
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Re: Boston / New England area

Tue Apr 19, 2011 10:52 am

I would imagine that you can have the Leaf serviced at any Leaf-qualified Nissan Dealer. It shouldn't matter where you purchased it. What if you do travel out of state and have a problem? Have it towed back to the dealer you purchased it from or the nearest qualified dealer??

Kevin in CT
Still Waiting......

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Re: Boston / New England area

Wed Apr 20, 2011 11:49 am

To my fellow Leaf-neglected New Englanders --

The news I had been dreading came out today to celebrate the one-year anniversary of my $99 Leaf reservation.

Re-opening reservations in the 7 current states in May, and then the next seven and Nationwide in 2012 (including me in Massachusetts.)

So anyone in Texas can get decide to get a reservation in May and drive a Leaf this summer -- but my one-year-old reservation has to wait another 8 months before even being allowed to move forward to the ordering process. ... 71504.html

I am definitely not "winning the future."

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Re: Boston / New England area

Wed Apr 20, 2011 11:58 am

squeaky wheel gets the grease

call and email and let em know how you feel. :D be polite!
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Re: Boston / New England area

Wed Apr 20, 2011 1:24 pm

at this rate, I may very well have a plug-in prius in my driveway first! My daily commute will be (frustratingly) almost gas free (a teaspoon or two), and honestly, I'd probably end up waiting until gen 2 or 3 production EVs before replacing my other car... but if the leaf gets here first..... just sayin'

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Re: Boston / New England area

Wed Jul 27, 2011 12:42 pm

I did get an email from Nissan last week (July 19)

"We just wanted to let you know you'll be able to order your new 2012 Nissan LEAF this fall..."

So spring delivery it is!

I wish I could get to Boston this weekend for the test drive.

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