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EV/Coffee Meetup, 7/7 @ 10 AM, near Arundel Mills Mall, MD

Posted: Mon Jul 02, 2012 4:41 am
by mczajka
This month we are gathering at Bagels n' Grinds in Hanover, MD. This is in the same development as the Hotel at Arundel Preserve. There are five ChargePoint stations in the hotel garage and we may have access to two more nearby if needed.

No need for sunscreen and a hat at this one. The bagel and coffee shop has outdoor seating in the shade and if it is too hot, there is plenty of room inside.

The hotel is designed and built to LEED standards. The manager has arranged to give us a tour of the hotel's eco-friendly and energy efficient features. The meet up location is just a few miles from the mall and new casino at Arundel Mills if you want to do some shopping or gambling while in the area.

Visit to register! All EV owners and enthusiasts are welcome! We're also expecting to have some students stop by who are involved in the YES Corps EV Summer Internship program.