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Colorado L3 List

Posted: Sat Nov 15, 2014 11:57 am
by AlanSqB
This list is deprecated as the original intent was to point out the large percentage of DCFC units in Colorado that were non-functional. This seems to no longer be an issue.

Please see Plugshare for more up to date info.

Please provide any updates or corrections:


Location - Type - Ownership/Operator - Brand/Model - Cost - Status

  • Tynans Nissan Aurora - CHAdeMO/SAE Combo - Tynan's - ABB (model?) - Free - Functional - Often ICE'd and in employee "smoking area"
  • Arapahoe Crossing - CHAdeMO - NRG eVgo - ? model - membership required - coming soon
  • Boulder Nissan - CHAdeMO/SAE Combo - Boulder Nissan - ABB (model?) - Free - Functional
  • AutoNation Nissan - CHAdeMO - AutoNation/Greenlots - ABB (model?) - Free - Functional
Colorado Springs:
  • South Colorado Springs Nissan - CHAdeMO - SCS Nissan - ? Model - ? cost - Coming soon
  • Woodman Nissan - CHAdeMO - Woodman - ? model - Customers only - behind locked gate - unfriendly
Commerce City:
  • Canopy Airport Parking DIA - CHAdeMO - Canopy - Model unknown - Free (/w parking fee) - Functional
  • Cultural Center Garage - CHAdeMO - City - ABB (model?) - Free (w/parking fee) - Functional
  • Denver Center for the Performing Arts - CHAdeMO - City - ABB (model?) - Free (w/parking fee) - Functional
Fort Collins:
  • Foothills Mall - CHAdeMO - Tynan's Nissan - ABB (model?) - Free - Functional
  • Museum of Discovery - CHAdeMO - AeroVironment/City - AeroVironment EV50-PS - Free - Functional
  • Tynans Nissan Fort Collins - CHAdeMO - Tynan's - ABB (model?) - Free - Functional - Requires card from dealership to start
  • Ehrlich Nissan - CHAdeMO - Ehrlich/Greenlots - ABB (model?) - $10/hr - Functional
  • Empire Lakewood Nissan - CHAdeMO - Empire - ? model - "customers only" behind locked gates inside service area/unfriendly
  • Highlands Ranch - CHAdeMO - NRG eVgo - ? model - membership required - coming soon
  • Longmont Museum and Cultural Center - SAE Combo/CHAdeMO - Longmont Power/EV Connect - efacec EFAPOWER EV QC 50 - $3/session - Functional
  • Valley Nissan - CHAdeMO - ?owneship - ?model - Free - Often ICE'd and in employee "smoking area"
  • Centerra Marketplace - CHAdeMO - McWhinney/Greenlots - ABB (model?) - $7.50/hr $2 minimum - Functional with issues (must use Greenlots app, see PlugShare)
  • AutoNation Nissan - CHAdeMO - AutoNation/Greenlots - ABB (model?) - Free (customers only/locked) - Functional - Often ICE'd
  • Dave Solon Nissan - CHAdeMO - Owner - Model? - Dealership Customers Only - Functional? - For "customers only"/unfriendly
  • Superior Marketplace - CHAdeMO - NRG eVgo - membership required - coming soon
This list is for informational purposes. If you are planning to utilize these stations, please consult PlugShare for information on current status and station policies.

Last edit 4/10/15

Re: Colorado L3 List

Posted: Sat Nov 15, 2014 8:24 pm
by MikeinDenver
Pueblo is only available during the service hours, not normal dealership hours. I recommend just avoiding that place all together. The free L2s at the courthouse and the river walk are much more worthy of our support.

Re: Colorado L3 List

Posted: Thu Nov 20, 2014 3:49 pm
by AlanSqB
Received from Tynans today:
Hello Leaf Owners!

In recent weeks, an issue with Level 3 chargers statewide has been discovered. While these chargers were tested in extreme temperatures, they were not tested for altitude changes, and Colorado being a mile high, has seen problems with the chargers.

That being said, Tynan's quick charger, along with almost all quick chargers across the state of Colorado are currently out of order. The charging company is working to replace these units as fast as possible.

Our level 2 chargers are still in working order, it is just the quick charger that is currently down.

We apologize for the inconvenience, and will send you a follow-up email once the issue has been fixed.

Thank you! And Happy Holidays!

Tynans Nissan Staff
Todd and Ashley at Tynans FoCo and Nigel at Boulder really do a good job of trying to keep us informed about their charger status.

Re: Colorado L3 List

Posted: Fri Dec 12, 2014 4:15 pm
by AlanSqB
Another one bites the dust...Longmont down for SAE and CHAdeMO. It's not even Another Bad Box (ABB) unit.

Re: Colorado L3 List

Posted: Thu Dec 18, 2014 3:14 pm
by AlanSqB
Longmont reported by Rob on Plugshare as functional as of 12/17. Great news, that is the best CHAdeMO around IMHO.

Re: Colorado L3 List

Posted: Sat Apr 04, 2015 7:44 pm
by AlanSqB
I will try to update the list when I am on a computer next, it looks like some new CHAdeMO is coming! Plugshare shows 2 new NRGEVGO units in south Denver. Also a new unit showing at south Colorado Springs at the nissan dealer. Finally one on the west side of Denver at Empire nissan.

Nice to see some new units!

Re: Colorado L3 List

Posted: Wed Apr 08, 2015 6:33 pm
by Nfuzzy
At first I thought south Colorado springs Nissan was a mistake on plugshare but now I see a comment that confirms it! I will try this out sometime soon. Would have been much more useful at wooden Nissan by I25 though.

Re: Colorado L3 List

Posted: Thu Apr 09, 2015 11:36 pm
by Nfuzzy
Wait... Now woodmen Nissan shows dc on plugshare too!? If true I sure hope that means they are going to start being more open to non customers charging there!

Re: Colorado L3 List

Posted: Fri Apr 10, 2015 6:24 am
by AlanSqB
Didn't see this one because I usually filter out restricted sites. Wouldn't choose to support a dealer that did this. Hope the South Springs site doesn't. I really need a dcqc down there or I will have to keep driving the wife's gasser every time I'm there.

Re: Colorado L3 List

Posted: Fri Apr 10, 2015 7:25 am
by cgaydos
The south Springs Nissan dealer has allowed me to charge despite not buying from them. However, their parking lot is configured to require you to go through the service bay to get to the chargers, so only during business hours.

It is nice to see several new "coming soon" NRG eVgo L3s shown on the Colorado map. Superior, Highlands Ranch, and Foxfield. All of those would greatly increase the flexible range for the LEAF.