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Re: Sleeping in your Leaf

Wed Jun 04, 2014 4:08 pm

ehunter wrote: I also have the 1.5 in thermarest. What bugs me about it is when I sleep I tend to roll around from flat on my back to my side. The parts of my body, knees/feet/backside tend to slide off the pad enough to where I notice it and it bothers my sleep. I am not a big guy, 5'8", 145lbs. This is why I bought the prementioned pad 30in-er. However if I had to do this again
I would buy the equivalent 25in-er. I think the 25in may allow me to sleep with one of the back seats still in place, creating an extra place to put stuff.

My 1.5in Thermarest also balloons around depending on how my weight shifts which is also bothersome. But the 4" thick one I have now... NICE! Was the most comfortable I have been on ever. In retrospect though I think the 25in one may present more options in the leaf.
I routinely roll from back to side and occasionally wake up with part of me off the pad, but it doesn't seem to bother me 6'0", 180lb.). I've never noticed a problem with ballooning on mine. Different strokes, I guess. My pad is 15 or 20 years old, and doesn't have the higher friction 'patterns' or fabric that many of the new ones have; you bought a can of some sticky substance with the pad and sprayed it on the top to keep you from sliding to the side or, more often in my case when sleeping on a slope, down towards the foot. It used to work, but I think it's pretty much worn off. :D

I routinely have gear stored alongside my pad in my Forester as well as on the front seats/front pax floorwell and rear floorwells, and would want to keep all that off the pad as you say. Trying to sleep off to one side with only one seat down wouldn't be an option given how far the shock towers intrude in my car, but I think the LEAF may be wider between them.
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Re: Sleeping in your Leaf

Fri Jan 12, 2018 5:45 am

ehunter wrote:So I thought about it and I went out to REI. I bought the best camping mattress they had. Luckily on sale too! It is slightly long but will still do nicely. It has a R9 rating, the best of anything available. (There are no insulating properties via the Truck-bedz). It set me back $150 after 30% discount, and cheaper than the Truck-bedz. After inflation, the mattress is 4in high which I think is great. I should be able to sleep with the cargo shield on. If you are a big boy though you may be out of luck though. ... eeping-pad" onclick=";return false;
Hi ehunter - I know this is an old post but hopefully you're still reading!

The Exped link you posted is now listed as superceded, I assume the new one it links to is much the same?

I quickly measured the back of my Leaf, with the front seats as far forward as they would go, and using the narrowest width (between the rear wheels) as the "width".

I worked it out to be 190cm/74" x 105cm/41"

The MegaMat you linked to was 197cm/77" x 77cm/30". I see what you mean by slightly long! How did you deal with the length, just have it tilt up at one end or something similar?

The next size up MegaMat is 130cm/51" wide. Damn, too wide!

I'm looking around a few other brands but I can't seem to find anything around the 105cm/41" range in width.

I was hoping it would be a two person solution but it looks like it might be for solo trips only at this point! :( A "king single" size here in Australia is officially 106cm/42" which would be good but it's also 203cm/80" long! I can't win!

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Re: Sleeping in your Leaf

Thu Apr 19, 2018 1:39 pm

I am thinking that after 2 years, you probably have already sorted this out. If not, I will try to help. Just bump the thread again to let me know you are still hanging around.

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