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Anybody need door glass off a 2013?

Posted: Mon Nov 07, 2016 9:39 am
by Cor
A friend has dismantled a 2013 in order to put the complete drivetrain in a pickup truck EV conversion, not just the motor and reduction gear and diff, but also the half shafts and complete front wheels, hubs, suspension and steering. Including the steering wheel, displays from the dash and the shifter. Also including the complete wire harness, computers and battery. Essentially given the Leaf a new (old) body.
Anyway, he is cleaning out what he took off the car and never used, so he asked me if I wanted to keep the door window glass.
I promised that I will try to find someone for it, thus this post.
It might fit 2011/2012, you will need to check for yourself. It should fit 2013 and later. Let me know.