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Re: Upstate (formerly North) California LEAFs

Posted: Sun Oct 15, 2017 12:50 pm
by edatoakrun
CEC DC Fast Charge Sites map: ... 874997&z=6

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edatoakrun wrote:
edatoakrun wrote:
edatoakrun wrote:
A Red Bluff DC site is conspicuously absent, but maybe Chargepoint will be doing that installation, as the southernmost DC site in its Red Bluff-to-the-border I-5 grant. Only one of these CP DCs (Yreka) is on the map, as of now.

You Southerners may want to check out the progress on Central CA/Socal routes, same map.
DC Sites from Red bluff north to the Oregon border (Chargepoint) are now located on that map.

I've had no luck getting progress reports from the grant recipients, yet.

Anyone spotted any sign of construction at any of the sites?...
I was recently told by a well-informed source that the Redding CEC-funded Chargepoint DC site is officially under construction.

Sure enough, on Friday I saw the fenced off area at the south end of the Target parking lot, near Dana drive, as indicated.

I'll update as the site develops.

No word on progress for any of the other Upstate I-5 DC sites, but it might be worth checking them out next time you drive by.

Re: Upstate (formerly North) California LEAFs

Posted: Tue Nov 07, 2017 9:34 pm
by edatoakrun
First of the Northstate CEC DC sites, first CHAdeMO on I-5 between Sacramento CA and Ashland OR, is (almost) open, in Redding CA.

Only a single DC though (not the two shown on the CEC map) next to two L2s

L2 was operational tonight.

DC is powered up, but wouldn't initiate a CHAdeMO charge.

I was told the DC will be checked out tomorrow.

If any more CEC sites show up (see map below) please add them to Plugshare. ... 10156&z=11