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Re: When will Nissan announce details of the next-gen Leaf

Tue May 26, 2015 9:02 am

ishiyakazuo wrote:
dhanson865 wrote:SOC at the top and bottom end vary from car to car vs what the dash shows. If I charge my car to full I can't get above 92.x% according to leafspy.

So you have no idea the actual full capacity until you charge it to full and take a reading. Doing math vs some perceived estimate of 100% is just fantasy.
But we're not talking about SOC (State of Charge). We're talking about SOH (State of Health).
SOH, as I understand it, is an internal value that says how much capacity remains in the battery as a percentage of the maximum when it was new and has nothing to do with the current SOC.
On all previous model years (2011-2014), from what I've seen in the data, you can take the GIDs reported (from a full charge), divide it by 281, and you get almost exactly SOH. But on 2015s, it doesn't work that way, and we've seen people "stuck" at 292 GIDs for thousands and thousands of miles. This, to me, indicates that something is fishy with the data (either Leaf Spy isn't getting the data correctly on '15s, or the battery is capped at reporting 292 GIDs until it starts degrading below that point). tkdbrusco's is one of the few I've seen where you've got a max GIDs below 292 and an SOH that indicates that it's degraded over 8%, even though it's only down 6/292 GIDs... so all I'm saying is "something doesn't add up" and I'm curious to know what that is, but again, I don't know that knowing this helps in any way.
I totally agree that the numbers don't add up. For what it's worth, my car was reading as low as 275 GIDS at full charge in the dead of winter. And the SOH has as high as 97% when new, to as low as 88% at dead of winter, to 92% roughly today? It is almost as if the SOH is doing some sort of predictive analysis based on behavior of the battery and charging habits. As far as charging behavior goes, when I tried to charge only to 80% and rarely to 100%, I found that the total GIDS dropped, but when I have been charging to 100% and cycling down to 30% on a regular basis, the GIDS came back up. Most of the people who are at 10K miles and still at 292 GIDS have been abusing their battery by traditional standards, they QC all the time, charge to 100% all of the time as well, and really drive the cars often? I'm really beginning to think that there's two possible things that could be going on here (1) There's extra capacity hidden in there somewhere, perhaps only 1-2kwh, but still something, and that capacity is being buffered into capacity loss overall. (2) The data is being processed differently and it is fooling the leaf spy and leaf stat apps (I'm using leaf stat). I have noticed no decrease in range whatsoever, in fact it feels like its improving, but this may be a result of my learning to drive the car better. I average 4.9mi/kwh and frequently get 100mi+ in range, usually by GOM is predicting anywhere from 104-115 on a full charge. My guess with the 2016 model is that they have the same pack as the 2015 (or perhaps very similar with just a few extra cells squeezed in. Nissan has probably been looking at the 2015 models and wondering if its safe to free up some of the hidden capacity in the packs. The 2016 models will likely see some of this freed up hidden capacity as well as possibly a couple additional cells crammed in. My guess would be that the combination of these would bring the 2016 leaf to a 100mi EPA car. They would then make this new pack available to all MY11-16 cars as a replacement (hopefully at the same price).
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Re: When will Nissan announce details of the next-gen Leaf

Tue May 26, 2015 10:56 am

This is getting really OT. Pls start a new thread (or use a more relevant thread).
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