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Re: February 2018 EV sales

Fri Mar 30, 2018 9:43 pm

Nissan basically could not make enough of it to meet demand. I reserved mine in mid September and only got it late March. Production for North America apparently did not ramp up till March. Dealership in Canada say people ordering now won't get it till July/August.

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Re: February 2018 EV sales

Mon Apr 09, 2018 1:05 pm

RegGuheert wrote:
RegGuheert wrote:According to InsideEVs, Nissan sold nearly 8400 LEAFs in Februrary:
InsideEVs wrote:Nissan’s electric flagship noted over 3,700 sales in Japan and it turns out that even more were sold in Europe (3,766) in February.

The LEAF is now one of the top five best selling Nissans in Europe, with brand share of 6.5% in February.

Together with nearly 900 sold in the U.S., Nissan delivered nearly 8,400 LEAFs in its three biggest markets.
There is a HUGE discrepancy between the InsideEVs article above and this EV Sales article, which says only 1540 Nissan LEAFs were sold in Europe in February: a difference of 2226 Nissan LEAFs. That's a LOT!!
This new article in InsideEVs explains that the discrepancy is between sales and registrations:
InsideEVs wrote:Sales announced by Nissan precede registration numbers, so we will not necessarily see 6,500 registrations in March. Case in point, in February there was not 3,766 registrations (EV Sales Blog reported 1,540).
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