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Re: Wall mounted EVSE vs Nissan Portable EVSE

Wed Mar 21, 2018 2:06 pm

edit, responding to LB's post. Lots of people use the OEM EVSE for daily use, I use a EVSEUpgrade'd one almost daily and I'd have no worries about it wearing out. I suppose something could happen but then wouldn't it be covered under the 3yr 36k car warranty? or it's possible the EVSE could have a longer warranty, I'm not sure. Regardless I personally wouldn't be worried about it prematurely wearing out but I guess it's a thought.
I wasn't clear enough. By using the Nissan unit for daily charging, you are increasing the odds of some random accident (or vandalism) damaging or destroying it. Then you have to pay Nissan more for it than you would pay for two Clipper Creek basic charging stations under the same circumstances. If you can set up the Nissan unit safely in a garage, properly supported and with cable storage, then that's fine. but any use that exposes it to the outdoors for years raises the risk to it substantially.
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Re: Wall mounted EVSE vs Nissan Portable EVSE

Wed Mar 21, 2018 2:19 pm

No brainer in my books, if the portable EVSE is already paid for ;)

I use a Zencar 32A portable EVSE for daily charging, I've never had any issues with it. When we go camping, I take it with us in the car. It's actually wall mounted all the time and plugged in right next to my breaker panel, since the plastic box that contains the guts of the EVSE has keyhole mounting slots built right into it.

If your stock 2018 EVSE ever gets stolen or damaged, just replace it with a Zencar 32A for $300 US (delivered right to your door) or buy a wall mount EVSE at that point.
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