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Re: Please Report 2018 Leaf Defects Here

Thu Oct 31, 2019 6:09 am

Update to me previous post ^^^

The 2018 Leaf SV does, in fact, have a leak somewhere in the system according to the dealer. They are having a hard time tracking down exactly where it is because, I was told, the unique heat pump system on the Leaf doesn't allow them to put dye in the system and watch where it comes out (which is what they typically do). So hopefully I am not out of commission for too long and stuck driving this Versa.

Anyone else have similar issues with the heat pump?
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Re: Please Report 2018 Leaf Defects Here

Thu Nov 07, 2019 1:30 pm

FINALLY: After 2 weeks of testing and investigating by a combined team at the collision center and suspension specialists, it was determined that a combination of the motor mount + crossbar (non-critical) interacting with the chassis was causing the noise. The components were replaced / tightened and it appears the bolts for the crossbars were just a quarter turn too loose, causing the play with the chassis. It took so long, and was such a unique issue, that the main tech lead at the collision center said he lost sleep over racking his mind on what could be causing it. They even rolled up the carpet, took out the front seat, and sat in a lawn chair in the vehicle to nail down the source. I miss this car and just glad I will be getting it back, but appreciate that Nissan / Gerber took the time and effort to solve the issue once and for all. Now I get to have them look at an eerily similar but different sounding issue emanating from the steering column on my other 18 MY LEAF! :D
jdcbomb wrote:
Sun Oct 06, 2019 4:23 pm
2 weeks later after the dealer did further testing of the left front creaking and confirmed the location of the sound is coming from the chassis. My vehicle then was transported to Nissan's designated collision repair center (Gerber) for dis-assembly of the entire left/under sides to get deep into the frame. It took several days but I believe they finally found a bad weld somewhere in there. I expect to get a final report and my LEAF back in the next few days. Free rental vehicle started off as a Frontier, which then they swapped to a 2019 Altima with PP. Good service at this dealer.
jdcbomb wrote:
Thu Sep 19, 2019 6:39 pm
I first noticed this issue after reaching around 5,000 miles in the 18 SV. Any sharp left turn (u-turn) on a flat or downward include would cause an audible creaking sound coming from the left front area behind the dash.

First visit to original dealer resulted in "unable to replicate." Took to 2nd dealer a couple weeks later and was easily replicated. Tech investigated it for at least 2 hours and could not confirm the location. Weeks later Nissan regional tech lead worked with on-site tech and attached wireless sound sensors to multiple areas.

Confirmed it was not the axle, not the wheel, not the brakes, not the CV joint, and most interesting it was NOT the strut tower (older LEAFs has a TSB for strut tower spacers to solve a similar sound.)

After spending another 4 hours taking apart the under side panels and other components, the going theory it's a bad weld somewhere in the chassis. This will require me to leave the car with a certified body shop that will have to disassemble much of the left side to get to the chassis defect.

Dreading they won't be able to put it all back together correctly but we'll see. Warranty issue means I get free rental (dreading a ICE car too).

What's disturbing is I have another 18 MY SL and it's starting to exhibit the identical sound...
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