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First Impressions 2020 Leaf SV

Posted: Mon Jan 18, 2021 4:30 pm
by mtndrvr
We sold out 2013 and leased a 2020 SV. I was kind of sad to let the 2013 go as it was a great car for us.
First impressions of the 2020:

• Having. the app to warm the car up is nice
• Notifications of charge is nice
• It looks a little more contemporary/standard
• works well in snow (the old one did as well)
• good deal on lease
• the blue is nicer than our old white

• blind spots if not using the screen
• gets 15% less miles per kwh so far (a big deal to me)
• even less comfortable for long legged driver
• still adjusting to the realities of a lease, i.e. treating it nice enough for return

Re: First Impressions 2020 Leaf SV

Posted: Mon Jan 18, 2021 7:38 pm
by GerryAZ
Are you using the dash display to determine the 15% drop in miles per kWh? The miles/kWh display in my 2011 always indicated quite a bit higher than actual wall-to-wheels calculated from miles driven and energy measured by my revenue accuracy meter. My 2015 also indicated higher than actual, but was a little closer. My 2019 is more accurate, but still slightly optimistic compared to wall-to-wheels measurements. Therefore, your 15% drop may just be due to better accuracy of the dash display compared to your 2013.

I also like the more "normal" body style. I hope the lease works out for you (I drive way too many miles per year to even consider a lease). You should be OK at return time if you just take reasonable care of it. Have you driven it enough on twisty, bumpy roads to get a feel for the suspension tuning compared to your 2013? I sometimes think my 2019 has a little less damping than my 2015, but other times I think it is fine so I have not mentioned it to the dealer.

Re: First Impressions 2020 Leaf SV

Posted: Tue Jan 19, 2021 4:29 pm
by mtndrvr
We live on a gravel road and both cars feel about the same to me. Both are acceptable.

Yes to using the dash display. When I look at the results and real world experience the 2013 seemed pretty accurate. Have not checked the 2020, good idea.

We paid extra to get 15,000 miles a year. It took it from $49 for 10,000 a year for an S to $85 a month for an AV but we put about 13,000 miles a year on our old one.

I bought seat covers and nice mats since I would have done that for my own car.

Maybe just feeling nostalgic... That was a good car

Re: First Impressions 2020 Leaf SV

Posted: Sun Jan 24, 2021 3:06 pm
by GerryAZ
Thanks for the feedback on suspension comparison. I ordered my 2019 and it arrived just a short time before my 2-week motorcycle trip (Alaska to Oregon) so it sat at the airport for 2 weeks and I did not drive on rough roads back-to-back with the 2015. It is hard to give up a good car, but I am sure you will enjoy your new one even more. The one time I leased a car, I liked it so much that I ended up buying it at the end of the lease. I was fortunate in that the bank holding the lease offered good terms for the buyout in return for them not having to deal with selling it later.