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Re: Cost Per Charge

Fri Apr 27, 2018 6:39 am

Zugzwang wrote:Hi!

Great forum - very useful discussions going on around here.

I am very new to this - I do not yet have a LEAF.

A question for your reactions if I may:

At my local train commuter station there are a few parking lot spaces available for electric cars and they include charging stations. The machine says they cost $2.50 (Canadian) to use.

With no background in this, I currently have no sense of cost for electricity. Is that a "good" deal? Is that about what it would cost to get a full charge by plugging in to my home?

I appreciate electricity rates vary widely and I gather different batteries cost more to charge up than others. And there's probably more variables than that too. But does that price jump out at anybody? As in, "I would never do that", or "I would do that every day!". I almost never see these charging stations being used.

(Also, I certainly do appreciate that this is superior to filling up at a gas pump!)

Many thanks for your thoughts!
It can be a good deal if you need a lot of charge and the station is a level 2 running at 6 KW but the reality is you do not want to charge to a high SOC while sitting in an uncovered parking lot come Summer.

Now the next line will be that you live in a mild climate and that is fine. Say it and forget it...forever. High SOC is detrimental. The other thing is using public charging if you don't really need it.

What is your roundtrip distance from this station? If its 80% of the rated range then you might not have a choice but to use the station and this becomes a challenge. Using charge timers will be your best solution. Charge enough to get home plus a comfortable cushion based on season, terrain and the random errand.
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