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Re: Range anxiety..

Posted: Sun Jan 13, 2019 9:23 am
by GerryAZ
The 2011 without the cold weather package has the same 5 kW water heater as the later 2011 and all 2012 models. As Leftie noted, the resistance heater and heat pump work together on 2013 and later models so equipped. The resistance heater comes on to provide quick heat when first turned on in my 2015 SL even in mild temperatures. The resistance heater will also supplement the heat pump even in moderate temperatures if the difference between present temperature and set point is high (I can make resistance heater turn on along with heat pump in my mild climate by setting desired temperature to 90F). Also, preheat while plugged in uses the resistance heater.

Re: Range anxiety..

Posted: Sat Jan 26, 2019 7:44 am
by rcrw88
daftKow wrote:I'm looking at a used Leaf in the GTA like OP, great responses in this thread and I'm learning a lot. I do have L2 charging at work, and there are usually a couple of spaces free. My commute is only 65km round trip, with approx. 35km being highway. I intend to charge daily at work (as well as home, of course). I do have access to an ICE vehicle in emergencies, and worse case scenario I'll WFH.

I wonder if I can get away with a 2011-12 or should I pony up more $ for a '13. Unfortunately, the prices have gone up recently (probably due to the scrapping of the provincial credit) and '13-14 are $15k+ meanwhile the '12s are close to $11k. $4k is a big difference ...
Volt meets my needs very well. I basically use the entire charge and make it 50km at work, and use gas on the way home. I'll get 120v charging soon then I'm down to 25% gas usage from my Mazda.

I'd get the newer leaf based on not always having charging available... a volt you'd like too. You'd be stressed trying to get that spot each day should more people buy EVs at your work. The 2015 I tried and got over 80km on a really cold day but I never ended up using the whole battery. At my work, people bought leafs, PHEV priuses, a volt and a Ford ev within the last month.