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Re: Newbie battery question

Tue Feb 12, 2019 10:18 am

Let's look at this realistically... You just bought this car. Also, you have a 3 year warrantee..


1) The battery has not even been used yet, you are only now STARTING to exercise the battery. There may be some fluctuation in the battery when brand new.

2) Gauges and meters are NOT precise measures of any aspect of what is measured... They are only a general indicator.

3) You are a new buyer, and are paranoid that you will find a problem!!! Relax, observe and note what is a real indicator of a problem... If your Battery % goes from 100 to 99, or 98%... Then keep an eye on it. It will never be an exact measure.

4) And when you get LEAFSPY.. Don't go crazy when the car gauges don't match EXACTLY with leafspy... THEY WILL NOT..

PS - congratulations on your new car.

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Re: Newbie battery question

Thu Feb 14, 2019 5:32 am

I’m pretty sure now that the reason I was losing battery is that I was turning the car on with the cabin heat on.

Here’s what my awesome EV geek / Nissan salesperson said about it:
“It is not my experience that a LEAF will lose any measurable amount of charge overnight, unless it is quite cold. It will use battery power to keep the battery pack from risk of freezing damage”
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