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Re: Charging at work - how to ask

Wed Apr 03, 2019 3:01 pm

mjblazin wrote:Many, if not most, employers do not own or control the parking facilities.
I see that situation for my company and others in our area. We lease part of the building, which comes with access to on-site parking.

We also have a Facilities Manager, who is in charge of communicating with the building/land owner. You may want to see if your company has one too, so that you can speak to them to request permission for using outdoor power. What happens after that depends on what is in the lease contract. Worst-case: the owner says "No" because of liability issues, or other stuff.

Another alternative is to get the ball rolling by informally speaking with the Head of the site's/building's Facility/Maintenance crew. You may see them often while walking around, say Hi and start up a small conversation, which can lead to asking about your request. It doesn't hurt.
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