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Home charging question

Wed Jun 26, 2019 6:29 am

Hello, I have found a Leaf I wish to purchase, but I have an old home with a detached garage and want to be sure I have the ability to charge it safely and reliably. I have an electrician coming out today to look things over. I know nothing about electricity so I am hoping someone here can ensure I ask the right questions! Here is some possibly relevant info:

The garage has an available 110 outlet but I am not sure if it is grounded or suitable for the trickle charge.

The back of our house has what looks to be a 6-20 outlet (previous owner had a hot tub). It is a covered outlet about 20ish feet from the garage. Perhaps this could be converted to a Level 2 outlet with some sort of extension cord to the garage?

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Re: Home charging question

Wed Jun 26, 2019 7:59 am

L1 is good for maybe 40 to 50 miles per day average in good conditions. Should have a ground but have it checked. A 15 amp circuit that shares the lights and garage opener will be marginal at best. 20a would do OK. New 240v circuit is best.

If you want L2 pull a new circuit into the garage. 20 amp 240v is fine. 30 amps would be better. 50 amps would be max and a bit of overkill for now.

Forget extension cords and get it wired up correct if spending money.
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Re: Home charging question

Wed Jun 26, 2019 9:35 am

Your electrician should help you out but the big question is how what kind of wires go to the garage from the house. Also, is there a sub-panel in the garage? Ie, is there a breaker box with circuit breakers in the garage or do you turn off the power to the garage from the main breaker box in the house? A decent EVSE for a Leaf takes about much power as an electric range so it will take a fairly big set of wires and breaker.

The amount of current you can supply to the car is limited by the wire size. There are 2 possible circuit voltages commonly used in the US: 120V and 240V, 240V will supply twice the power as 120V when using the same wire size. Another concern is whether there is physical space in the breaker box for the new breakers required. Unless your charging needs are low, you will want a dedicated 240V circuit installed in the garage for the EVSE. Dedicated means that no other receptacles or equipment use the wires for this circuit - it is for the car's EVSE only. This new circuit will require its own new breaker in your panel. This means you will need 2 available spaces in the breaker box.

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