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Re: Is there any logic as to who gets Leaf's ??????

Fri Jun 24, 2011 12:49 pm

planet4ever wrote:I probably should just let LEAFfan's post stand, and have you do your homework, but to get you off on the right foot, no, you did not order on 5/2/2010; that is when you put $99 down as a refundable reservation fee. No one ordered before Aug 31, 2010. It sounds like you may have ordered nearly four months later than that. Do to a glitch in the process, some people who ordered in January 2011 got their cars early, but most people who have their cars ordered in the fall, and quite a few people with earlier order dates than yours are still waiting.
But let's not kid ourselves; Nissan's initial "reservation" system morphed into a semi-solid "waiting list" and then another list; and then after over-subscription, it was closed for a while. Those not knowing of how tough it is to get an EV might not have followed all the permutations. If I were buying an Oil=Fired Vehicle, and put down a hundred bucks, I would CONFIDENTLY EXPECT about a thousand dealer calls and being pressured to take the OFV vehicle sooner than later.

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Re: Is there any logic as to who gets Leaf's ??????

Fri Jun 24, 2011 3:50 pm

Welcome to this forum, Doug ! :P
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