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Re: Wishful Thinking?

Sat Jun 25, 2011 2:21 am

Volusiano wrote:Also, my brother tried to reserve recently and was told that he's not even allowed to reserve because right now the reservation is only opened up to people who registered before April. I'm confused because I don't even know the difference between registered people and reserved people. Why did Nissan open up the second wave of reservation in May but is now telling people like my brother that they can't even reserve yet?
This sounds like a repeat of what happened, by design, more than a year ago. First you can register (sign up on a list, no money), then you can reserve (refundable $99 earnest money), and finally you can order (reach agreement with dealer on features and price). In 2010 you were allowed to reserve starting April 20 if, and only if, you had registered earlier than that. If you registered on or after April 20 you couldn't reserve until some time in late May (if I recall, could even have been June).

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